Expertise- virtual assistant

Make the change today. Let’s grow your business together. Remotely

Make the change today. Let’s grow your business together. Remotely

Expertise- virtual assistant

Make the change today.
 Let’s grow your business together.

Expertise virtualni asistent


Virtual assistants help you run your business remotely. You do not have to pay taxes, health insurance, paid vacations, etc., because it has its own company. A virtual assistant can work from anywhere and is flexible in terms of time. In order to provide its services effectively, a Virtual Assistant must have an internet fast and stable connection. The main advantage of delegating tasks to virtual assistants is that they are paid only for tasks they complete. A payment plan can be set up for monthly payments or payments by the hour. Virtual assistants offer a wide variety of services. The majority of their work involves handling administrative tasks, managing social media, writing blogs, scheduling meetings, or doing any other tasks that take up your precious time.




Are you in need of assistance with routine admin tasks such as sending invoices, preparing documents, and processing payments? Are you trying to achieve your business goals, but dealing with email and scheduling meetings is slowing you down?
Please feel free to contact me!

social media marketing


Today’s businesses rely heavily on their online presence. Using social media, like LinkedIn or Instagram, can be very helpful when promoting your company or brand. Taking advantage of what they offer and letting an expert handle your social media can save you time and money.



Customer experience and opinion matter, so you must make an effort to meet their requirements. At our workshop on “How to provide an excellent customer experience” you will learn how to get closer to your customers so you can turn any complaints they might have into advantages. Learn how to build loyalty from your customers. Register for the workshop today!

Virtual assistant pricing packages




115 EUR

Suitable for employed individuals who require less support




215 EUR

It is for entrepreneurs who need more business support in order to be able to grow their business and spend less time doing tasks they dislike




24.00 EUR per hour

For those who need help from time to time and interested in fast and quality cooperation.


Virtual assistant workflow

ikona s brojem 1
Tell me your needs

In order to be able to concentrate on the core business, you can delegate some tasks to a virtual assistant.

ikona s brojem 2
Offer and contract

After discussing your goals and requirements, I send a contract with terms of business and costs.

ikona s brojem 3
Getting to know your business

You have decided to cooperate with me and want to accept the offered conditions? It's time to get to know each other and introduce me to your business.

ikona s brojem 4
Let's get down to business

Now is the time for you to leave part of the work to me, and ensure more time for your main business.

Work organization

Work organization

My excellent organizational skills allow me to complete tasks quickly and effectively.

Commitment to each project

Commitment to each project

I am adept at learning new skills and knowledge, and I approach each project individually.

Time and money saving

Time and money saving

A virtual assistant not only saves you time and money, it also leaves you with more time to focus on growing your business.

Each project done on time

Each project done on time

A great deal of motivation drives me to complete all tasks on time and as agreed.


Ana Mihaljević Peraić


A lot of questions were hanging over my head as I prepared to open a business.
Klaras quick intervention on my inquiry enabled me to get all the answers I needed.
I was able to ask Klara to explain to me in a very simple way what I had to do and she offered to help me
with my next steps. In case you are in doubt about working with her, I highly recommend it!

Maja Puškarić

I’ve thought about hiring a virtual assistant for a long time and I’ve even tried hiring one in the past. It failed, perhaps largely because I wasn’t willing to let someone else take over part of the control.
I have been working with Klara for almost 6 months, and I can’t believe how much time I have gained. I have a lot of responsibilities as an entrepreneur, and I used to do it all myself until recently. Since I’ve been working with Klara, I can’t believe it can be so easy and that I don’t have to do everything myself.
If you’re looking for an easy transfer of tasks, ease of communication, and a reliable team member who actually joins your team, you’re in the right place! Klara is responsible, efficient, punctual, agile, and always eager to learn and progress. With Klara, you can no longer feel alone.

Marine elevator


We first learned about a virtual assistant from Klara during an informal conversation.
This idea to delegate some of our tasks to a virtual assistant ran through our minds for months.
We have been working with Klara since the start of her company (that we could hardly wait for) and the
savings in time and money that we have achieved through the collaboration are simply priceless.
As a result, we let her handle all of the administrative work and now realize the virtual assistant was one
of the best decisions we made.

Jelena Drljo


I thought I was well-informed when I began my own business. After talking to Klara about all the
obligations in our business, I realized how little I know about the Law and the regulations I have to
follow. Thanks to her generosity and unselfishness, I probably avoided a penalty. I'll have no doubt
about whom to delegate work to if I need virtual assistant services in the future.

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