Customer experience is something you try to invest in. After trying numerous tips and implementing all your ideas, you are still not seeing the results you desire?

Reread that sentence! Did something make you blink?

Are you sure your customers want your ideas and advice?

Have you tried to walk in your customer’s shoes at least once?

This is exactly what you need to do when creating a customer journey map. Put on your customer’s shoes and do some shopping. Shopping for new ideas and possibilities you’ve overlooked.

Check out these 5 reasons why it’s good to create a customer journey map and how it will enhance your customer experience.

What is a customer journey map?

Let’s start from the beginning. If you want to fill out your customer journey map, you need to know what it is.

Different templates and versions are available. It always results in the same thing – the loss of new ideas and possibilities.

A customer journey map identifies which questions, doubts, and feelings your customers experience along the way.

You’re buying a house. Researching the market, you experience different emotions – fear of the unknown, confusion (which house to pick) and excitement that you are taking such a big step.

Also, you have questions in your head: What is the process like? What steps do I need to take to purchase the item? Is there no manual to tell me how to do it? Am I on my own here?

This opens up new opportunities for real estate agencies: create an eBook/manual on how to get a new home in 10 steps; or create a case study that explains a typical customer’s journey. Think outside the box, examine the market, and come up with new ideas that your customers will appreciate.

Get new ideas for your business

5 reasons to create a Customer journey map

As you now know what a Customer journey map is, here are the most important reasons to create one. There is no need to create it yourself – it is even better when someone else creates it as it will be objective and broader. You’ll find questions you didn’t even realize your users asked.

Know what market needs

What the market needs comes from the customers themselves, i.e. those who use services or products on a daily basis. Competitiveness is fierce, and that must be emphasized. By creating a map you can do just that – by putting users in their shoes, walking in their footsteps and looking through their eyes.

New possibilities and ideas

Additionally, it doesn’t have to be completely accurate, but neither should it be inaccurate. Even as an educator, I find some ideas difficult to grasp. If I think only with my head, will I be able to recognize them? Maybe, but it will take me a long time to draw those conclusions. What if you took advantage of the market and asked them what doubts they have?

User satisfaction is important

What is more important to a customer than a sense of belonging or importance? You are already one step closer to a completely satisfied user when you respect their voice. Ask them what questions bother them when they use your products or services? Their answers may surprise you.

Show them that you know your business inside and out

After you have created your map and written down all your ideas and possibilities, don’t leave everything on paper. Take action. In the eyes of your customers, “the one who listens and hears” is the one who realizes ideas first. There’s no need to acknowledge all the ideas at once because you may not even get there, but even small steps are priceless.

If you are not doing well, you'll know it

Follow all the steps and stages of your users when creating your Customer journey map. From research to purchase and usage. While the map will not be created exclusively for you, but for your business and what you offer, you will know where customers find flaws (not just with you, but also with the competition). Keep in mind that what we think we are doing well, our customers see it differently!

Creating a Customer journey map is not permanent. After 6 months, you will see that new possibilities will open up. As your company grows, new opportunities will arise. Take advantage of the opportunity to grow in the right way. You can sign up for a workshop if you are struggling to create a map. It isn’t necessary for you to do everything on your own – someone will assist you!