Company workshop

„How to provide an excellent customer experience to your clients“

A completely satisfied client is the result of a completely satisfied employee, right?

In that case, you are more willing to educate them about Customer experience.

Communication methods: video calls, emails, meetings

Duration: Project duration varies depending on the type

Online or onsite education

The price varies based on the type of project, duration and number of employees to be trained

What can I do
to help you?

  1. Set out the goals you want to achieve in order to have happy customers
  2. We will look through the eyes of your customers to identify the opportunities you’re missing right now
  3. By creating questionnaires and feedback forms, we will be able to measure customer satisfaction in the best way possible
  4. Using the chosen employees, you will set up a customer support department, and I will contribute my knowledge and skills.

Who will benefit most from this approach?

  1. Businesses that are just starting to invest in customer experience, and need a person who knows how to do it
  2. Businesses that want to set up a customer service department
  3. Businesses who want to invest in their employees so that the customer experience process runs smoothly
  4. Businesses willing to invest the time in a long-term solution and a customer experience plan

How does the workshop
"How to provide an unforgettable user experience"
work for business users?

In our first 45 minutes Zoom call, I will get a better understanding of the Customer experience you wish to achieve

Within 7 days from the call, you’ll receive an offer, which includes a detailed plan with prices

After you approve the offer, we set a deadline and begin working

After we finish the project, I will be available to you for 30 days for any questions or concerns you might have.

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