My interest in customer experience goes back a few years now. The feeling you get when you walk into a store and find a big happy smile waiting for you is priceless. The seller is ready to take out any last item hidden behind a shelf, just so you can have an amazing experience.

Did you ever walk into the store without intending to buy anything? Within half an hour, you’re out of there with two bags full of things you don’t really need. Even now, you wonder how it was possible for her to sell you so many things. In fact, you feel like returning. This is the kind of life experience every retailer strives for.

Just four days after I released a survey on social media 14 days ago, I got 120 responses. The survey has 130 responses and some interesting results.

Who benefits from investment in customer experience?

Perhaps you have heard: “They are little, but big, I mean, they’re not little anymore, but big enough not to be little. “ Yes, this is a famous sentence from Smogovci ( famous tv series in the 80’). 63 percent of self-employed respondents answered the survey about their customer experience. 46,9 percent of respondents are between the ages of 31-40. Even though they invest in customer experience without being aware of it, micro and small businesses are eager to learn more.

Customer experience survey

Each day, there are so many businesses starting their journey, and it’s hard to stand out from the competition.

It’s not enough to have the product or service the market demands or to stand out from your competitors. Why should your customers choose you? Because you invest in customer experience or are ready to start investing in it now.

Workshops - A successful business investment

Customer experience small business

You’ve already attended several courses in digital marketing, SEO, and copywriting to know how to present yourself properly on social media and your website, haven’t you? This is a great way to talk about your business and the brand you are building. The question is, to whom will you offer your product or service? In the workshops, which start in March, you can learn how to behave, what tone of voice to use, and how to thank your customers. Nearly 50% of respondents said they wanted to attend the workshops, and more than 38% said they needed more information before deciding. This workshop’s advantage is its interactivity, and as its name implies, it is in working mode! It’s possible that you’ve heard of customer journey maps, and if you haven’t, I’ll show you how to create one. By doing this, you’ll learn how your potential buyer moves through the map and what steps you need to take to ensure that he/she can find you and remain loyal to your brand.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Investing in customer experience is an investment in your business’s future. When it is set up correctly, no matter how small you are, you become big. If you would like more information about the workshop, please contact me.