Customer Experience and social media

Starting a business is not simple. It is important to follow tax and legal regulations and to have your brand recognized, as well through social media, you can present your business to the world. Once you have determined which platform is best for presenting your products or services, and where your target audience is, start creating content.

However, content alone is not sufficient. On social media, there are other things to focus on to provide the best customer experience.

Customer Experience -what social media talk about us!

Do you ever wonder:
– How do you communicate?
– How quickly you respond to comments and messages
 – In the event of a negative service experience, how would you handle it,
– How do you react to praise?

Positive customer experiences are built by answering these questions. You will get clearly defined goals if you set them the right way.

Setting aside time for social media is important. Despite the fact, you can use them without a financial investment at the beginning, you have to recognize it may take time to handle them. Are you able to handle social media on your own? In this area of the business, strategy is crucial. It’s possible you will have to delegate this part of the work as the business grows. Decide which part of the work to delegate and to whom. This person knows how to do the job as well as you would, based on your wishes and needs. You can do that with the help of a virtual assistant today.

With your colors, fonts, and content, your audience will identify with you. Make sure your logo, colors, and fonts are in harmony with your business. A real person, not generic content, is what audiences want to communicate with.

Learn how to handle comments on social media

What do you hope to accomplish using social media?

Decide what you want to accomplish and set clear goals. You need to decide whether you want followers, clients, or sales.

You should combine the content you share.  If there isn’t enough content, they may assume you don’t have time to do it.  It can be confusing for them if you offer a lot of different content – they will not know what you offer.

If you organize an education or webinar, create content that discusses its topic. As a result, your followers will consider you an expert. Make sure you are authentic!

Your content shouldn’t be scheduled through a tool (Canva, Buffer or similar) and then forgotten about. If someone comments on your post or sends a DM, don’t ignore it or wait too long to answer. In order to keep your followers engaged, you should be present when they see content you share.

The interaction begins right then.Schedule content for the time when you know you can communicate with your audience. You should at least comment with 2-3 sentences. Emojis alone are not the best way to communicate with audiences, especially those with whom you are communicating for the first time.

Using them after a sentence – the one which represents you – isn’t bad. We all know, however, that our reactions cannot just be a smile or love!

Ensure that you spell and use the right grammar – if you do not have at least 10 seconds to read your reply, don’t reply. Before communicating, ask yourself if this is how you would like others to communicate with you.

Creating a great customer experience takes time. It takes time to accomplish anything worthwhile.

Quantity must not take precedence over quality.

Your business is unique, and you need to build it that way. There’s nothing like proving to your audience or clients that they’re unique.

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