Can you remember a positive customer experience you had as a buyer?

Are you likely to recommend this seller to your family and friends?

Keep in mind bad customer experiences. How many do you have in comparison to positive ones? Is that seller someone you would recommend to your friends and family?

Customer experience

Customer experience

An individual’s customer experience consists of their feelings and attitudes before the purchase, during the use of the product/service, and after it has been used. The customer experience is a subjective and changeable feeling, which changes as a result of using the product. The customer experience can be positive or negative and may benefit or harm a business or brand.

Bad experiences are remembered - always!

Although it might seem that you had more negative experiences than positive ones, that is probably not the case. Negative experiences last longer in our memory and leave deeper impressions.

Why is this the case? We are naturally drawn to negative things. Therefore, negative traits are remembered longer.

Today, buyers talk more about their negative experiences and spread negative words more frequently. It is more difficult to remember positive experiences.

If you’re purchasing a product or service, you’re likely to ask about its quality. Customers are increasingly turning to social networks to learn about previous experiences.It is likely you will spend longer thinking about the use and purchase of a product when you find only two negative reviews.

Positive and negative experience

5 ways to positive customer experience

Customer experience may harm or benefit your brand. Creating a positive customer experience starts with how you communicate with your clients.

To make sure you will provide positive customer experience take the following steps:

  1. Answer your clients’ questions in the time frame that you specified (no one wants to wait too long – not even you) – before, during, and after the sale
  2. Make sure your inquiry is answered – don’t let ignorance or misunderstanding stand in the way
  3. Empathy is the key to a positive experience with clients – show them you care about their problems
  4. Unhappy employees make unhappy customers. Don’t bring your personal issues into the office.
  5. Make sure you do not forget to thank happy customers – do not assume you don’t need to do so.

Your employees should be able to provide a positive experience for all your clients, right? Are they responding within the timeframe required and in the manner, you would like your brand to be presented? Consider our skills training if you have negative customer experiences and do not know how to turn them around.

If you would like help improving your customer experience, please let me know. You can reach out to me here.