Customer service begins with the offer of services or products. It continues with the buy and delivery of the product. Customer satisfaction and care don’t stop with the delivery of a service or product. It is a continuous process in which customer satisfaction comes first. Communication with the customer is an important segment of the business. If you take care of customers in the right way, it contributes to greater customer satisfaction.

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Customers are important

You need to know how to present the service in the right way. Yet, it is even more important to know how to communicate the complaint. In a way that will not harm you as a company and the customer as the user.

Expertise delivers online workshops in the field of Customer Care.

As a client, you get answers to questions:

– how to respond to a complaint

– how to praise in the right way,

– as well as practical examples that you can use in further business.

The Customer care workshop is suitable for all employees who work with customers. It will teach them how to:

– resolve complaints/complaints,

– respond to praise,

– and to communicate in the right way.

The workshop will lead to fewer complaints afterward. Each person will understand how to offer the customer a solution to their issue in one response. It will result in a less stressful customer service process. A real-time complaint resolution process will be implemented

What are the steps to organizing a workshop?

When we’ve gotten to know your company and our products and services, we set up a workshop. The workshop is either arranged via video call or at the company’s premises. The workshop provides participants with an opportunity to learn about:

-Customer service,

-The significance of it for businesses.

We solve business problems using examples from real-life situations.

Could your company use some help educating employees on this topic?

The training we offer can be customized for your business segment. Providing excellent customer service is a key component of any successful business model.