It is well known that customer service is the most important segment of your business. For a long time now, the quality of the product hasn’t been the only thing that matters. It is long past the time when you can sell your product regardless of what your customers say about you. The main reason was the lack of competition. There were only a few businesses that offered the same product or service you offered, so most of your customers came from referrals.

Modern digital technology allows potential customers to choose among a wide range of products and services. Nowadays, a small factor can make or break a deal.

It is still recommendations that influence customers’ decisions, and social media have a variety of positive and negative comments. All of which can be spread instantly all over the world.

Customer support

Choosing the right employee to handle customer support

Many qualified workers are available on the market, ready to dive deep into customer support. But are they the right fit for what you stand for?

Make a list of all the skills an employee who works in customer service needs to possess.

Previous customer service experience?

How would the candidate describe their experience with excellent customer service? Do they remember a place where they had a wonderful interaction? What impressed them and why do they remember it? Also ask about a negative customer experience. By analyzing all of this, you can learn what the candidate thinks excellent customer service is.

Have the candidate answer the customer’s complaint – verbally or in writing. Then you can see how they handle the issue. Don’t disqualify them immediately. Every candidate wants to make an impression, but job interviews can be stressful.

Tell them what is expected of them and which situations they can face while working with customers.

What you really need is an honest answer about how they respond to stressful situations and to see if they show empathy. This is a virtue they must possess. Working in customer support can be stressful, and without empathy and a high level of tolerance, many cannot do it.

Employee education

Yes, employee education is important!

You should educate the new employees about your company, the way you do business, and your expectations. Have you prepared onboarding materials for them? Who will educate the new employees?

Have you got the time to educate each new employee? Or will one of the existing employees take care of that?

Please don’t think much. Now is the time to put a plan in place for who and how the new training materials will be prepared. Customer support is complex and requires time, effort, and commitment. Get new employees familiar with your products and services, and get their feedback after one week. Make yourself available for questions. Make sure you delegate it to someone with the expertise if you don’t have the time. They will have all the information they need to perform the job independently. When new employees are hired, they must be familiar with answering customers’ questions before the purchase is initiated. First impressions last a lifetime. If one wrong answer or impression is left, the customer will feel dissatisfied and look for competition.

Make sure that existing employees are also educated. At least once a month, or more often if you launch brand-new products or services. Learn what problems they face when communicating with customers and work together to solve them. That way, they will surely be able to respond more effectively.

You value each customer’s opinion and what he or she says about you may elevate you above the competition. This may also take you back to the start of your brand building process. The customer support department is one of the most important departments in a business, and you expect every complaint to be handled promptly. If not right away, at the latest within 48 hours. Don’t wait too long if you don’t have the time to hire the right employee for your customer service or to provide education. You can contact me or take part in a workshop that would be beneficial to your business.