It’s nice to be appreciated, and someone is watching our every move. When it comes to our business, do we treat our clients the same way? Do you let them know how much they mean to you? When was the last time you amazed your customers? Give your clients the experience they will remember – an experience they will tell to their friends, family, and business partners with joy.

These five pieces of advice will put a smile on your client’s face regardless of whether you provide services or sell products.

E mail reminder

Sending a reminder email

Send a reminder to your clients two days before your meeting, workshop, or video call. Briefly tell them the important details: the time, location, the video call link, or how to prepare for the meeting in a friendly tone. It is incorrect to think of something as “normal” and not mention it. We do not all think alike.

Appointment or order status notifications

Even after two days, if you have received an order and sent the client an email as soon as the order was placed, the client may want to know how the order is progressing. Anyone who orders something for even 10 dollars wants to make sure they will receive it. Be friendly and informal. Notify your customers that the order is on its way and can’t wait to reach them. You can also notify them that you cannot wait for their appointment. Show your clients that they matter.

Sent a thank you note

Small things like this mean so much. Please thank your clients for doing business with you. Send a PDF thank you note once a quarter. If you ship products to their address, add a handwritten note within. It should include: “Thank you for your trust. Our goal is to justify it. Your feedback is very important to us.” When I first got a thank you note from within the dress I ordered, I ordered 2 more the same year, even though the price was higher than its competitor.

Thank you card

Share something freely

No, this doesn’t mean that you have to share your products for free. Make a post about the free tools you are using in your business, and which can be useful to everyone. With the advice you know they’ll need, and answers to questions they might have, you can create an E-book and make it available to your users. Put value in what you do: for you and for your clients. Include 5 tips you know they will need with your product. Share 5 facts about skincare if you are selling natural cosmetics – clients will appreciate your efforts and have value in knowing these facts

Thank for the feedback

Even if your clients’ feedback doesn’t match your expectations, thank them anyway. Your every suggestion or criticism is like wind in your back, which you need to take advantage of in order to become better and stop making the same mistakes. In our everyday lives, we tend to forget that what seems normal to us is not normal to others. You can use each positive feedback as a testimonial on your website – people love to hear what others think and what their experience was. Make sure you ask your clients for permission before publishing anything. Find out more about the benefits of client feedback here.

If you spend some time building the customer experience, it will return multiple times. Soon, clients will realize that you care about them and you don’t just treat them like a number. Take care of your customers by delegating tasks within the company or by hiring external collaborators such as virtual assistants. Make a plan and start implementing it today.

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