Online workshop:

„How to provide an excellent customer experience to your clients“

You are familiar with the terms:

Customer care
(briga o kupcu)

Customer experience
(Doživljaj kupca)

Customer support
(Podrška korisnicima)

You can easily describe each one, but not sure how you can apply it to your business?
In that case, you’re at the right place!

For only €159.27 you will receive knowledge that you can immediately apply to your business!

For whom is the workshop

What will you learn?

What is the workshop like?

Online each Monday started from 05.12.2022.

3 modules are included

Duration of each modul 120 minutes

Every attendee is entitled to a free 30-minute advice session after the workshop ends

Workshop modules

e book naslovna stranica

Intro module


Nakon vidljive uplate cjelokupne radionice, kao znak vaše vjernosti  ćete dobiti E-book na dar!

Customer experience ili korisničko iskustvo pojam je koji se sve više spominje u poslovnom svijetu.
No, znate li zašto ulagati u njega i koje koristi imate samim ulaganjem?

približiti sam pojam i dati otvoriti drugačiji pogled na vaš odnos s korisnicima.
Ulaganjem u korisničko iskustvo ulažete u svoje poslovanje – na bolje!

Knjigu u digitalnom izadnju kupite po cijeni od samo 99 kuna!

Klikom na button “Želim E-book” ćete poslati e-mail i nakon uplate od 99,00 kuna, dobiti ćete knjigu u pdf obliku.

Module 1

120 minutes

Customer journey

Module 2

120 minutes

Voice of customer

Module 3

120 minutes

Komunikacija i rješavanje pritužbi

What did other attendees say about the workshop
„How to provide an excellent customer experience to your clients“ ?

Višnja Željeznjak


The workshop was exactly what I was looking for: concrete tips about handling customer feedback on social media, discussions in the group, and advice from the expert about handling customer complaints. Klara, we want more!

Marta Vučković


Klara’s workshops on Customer Experience are excellent! Since customer care is very important to solopreneurs, I recommend that they attend all modules. Karla is passionate about customer experience. The things she shares are her true passions. In addition to her extensive experience in customer service, Klara uses a lot of case studies to explain the subject. She was clear and concise. She answered all our questions competently and professionally and offered her availability for any follow-up questions.
By doing so, she showed us by example how to treat clients well. Thank you, Klara, for an excellent workshop

Eni, Split


In 4-weeks, I worked with Clara on a user experience individual mentoring program.
She was extremely friendly, flexible, and proactive. As a result of her prompt and efficient responses,
she sent me information, links, tools, and other solutions to help improve my business and customer
relationships a day or two after I requested them.
Even though I thought I knew some things, this education gave me a real insight into the importance of
customer service and practical ways to implement it, which I never could have imagined without this
I gained the most knowledge from getting to know the customer journey map (which I was unaware of),
email marketing tips, customer support forms, and specifically for my area, writing a blog case study.
I recommend Klara for all small entrepreneurs since she provides great knowledge and provides you
with tailored advice based on your industry.

Andreja Krčmar 


A lot of entrepreneurs focus on the product/service and its placement on the market, without considering the customer’s perspective and concerns. Klara’s workshops offer new insight into how to improve customer experience. The process of creating the Customer journey map and the usage of many examples definitely contribute to the workshop’s quality

Svjetlana Ranek Franjul


Klara, your workshop was full of useful advice, no doubt. My understanding of the theory was greatly enhanced by your explanations drawn from your own (undoubtedly rich) experience in this field. Initially, I wanted to choose only some modules, but now that I chose all of them, I am glad I did. As an entrepreneur just starting out, this was a good decision. Thanks so much for the workshop

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